Stoneroad’s Mill

Aka Rock Furnace

1770Andreas & Veronica Kauffman
Rifle Factory
1780Jacob Kauffman
1789Christian Musselman
1794Converted to a grist mill
1800sDavid Musselman
1833John Lintner & Christian Hershey
1843John M. Bear
1846John Schlott
1851John Stoneroad
1898Henry S. & Amanda Stoneroad
1941Ben Mann
c1947George S. Mann
1947Lancaster County Art Association
1972Damaged by Hurricane Agnes
1976Brian Langsett converted to a residence

The mill is located at 1560 Stone Mill Road and is a private residence.

Structure2.5 Story Stone
Water SourceLittle Conestoga
Headrace6 feet
Tailrace250 feet
Dam Height2 feet
Power1 Turbine
Capacity10 bbl / day