Maple Grove Mill

Aka Abbeville Mill

c1717Hans & Anna Brubaker
1729Christian Stoneman
1755John Stoner
1760John Stoner, Jr.
1767Destroyed by fire
1767New mill built by
John and Barbara Steiner
c1826J. S. Graybill
1857Jacob S. Kauffman
1875Samuel Binkley
1899Aaron Summy
(West End Park)
1912Ralph Coho
(Maple Grove Park)
1978Christ and Elaine Hampilos
1987Lanecor Associates
1993Lancaster County
2001Ecklin Development Corp.
2005Destroyed by fire
2008Restoration began

This mill is located at 1501 Lincoln Highway West, Lancaster, PA.

For more details, see my blog entry about this mill here: Mill Monday 02 – Maple Grove

Structure2.5 Story Stone
Water SourceLittle Conestoga
Headrace100 feet
Tailrace25 feet
Dam Height4 feet
Power3 Turbines
Capacity10 bbl / day