Zartman’s Mill

Aka Brubaker’s Mill

Located on the Hammer Creek, about a mile and a half below Edward Coleman’s Speedwell Forge, this mill predates the Revolutionary War. The dam for the Speedwell Forge Lake was built on the location of this mill’s dam. The mill is in good condition and is used for storage.

1758Jacob Stauffer
1775Christian Stauffer
built new mill
1806Martin Stauffer
1817Peter Stauffer
1864Edward L. Kreider
1865Edwin B. Brubaker
1908Eli K. and Wayne K. Zartman
1910Eli K. Zartman
1922Destroyed by fire and
rebuilt as 3 stories
1941E. Forry Zartman
1966Speedwell Forge Dam built
1973Mill offered for sale
1987Used for storage
2014Grace Fisher

The mill is located at 690 Old Pike Road, Lititz, PA.

Structure3.5 Story Stone
Water SourceHammer Creek
Headrace2,500 feet
Tailrace500 feet
Dam Height8 feet
Power2 Turbines, 1 Overshot
Capacity90 bbl/day
Closeup of Zartman's Mill