Snavely’s Mill

Aka Lexington Flour Mill/Willow Bank Mill

Snavely's Mill

Snavely’s mill sits on the Hammer Creek in Warwick Township. The first mill on this site, constructed of logs, predated the American Revolution. After the revolution, the village nearby became known as Lexington. A new mill was built in 1790. The second mill operated under the name “Willow Bank”. The first two mills were on the north side of the road in Elizabeth Township. After the second mill was destroyed by fire in 1849, a new stone mill was built on the south side of the road in Warwick Township. The Snavely family acquired the mill in 1875 and have operated the mill since.

In 2021, the mill is powered by electricity and is in business as Snavely’s Mill Inc. The building is in very good condition. The current capacity is more than 19,000 hundredweight of flour per day.

c1750Christian & Elizabeth Eby
1767Christian & Catherine Eby
1790New mill built
1796Johannes & Maria Eby
1845Elias Eby
1845E. Eby and Son
1849Destroyed by fire
1850Elias Eby rebuilt the mill.
1853Henry & Catherine Hess
1854Samuel H. & Fannie (Landis) Hess
1874Rev. Christian S. Risser
1875John Snavely
1890David H. Snavely
1906Ben B. Snavely
1941Lincoln Miles Snavely
1983Gerald “Jerry” Snavely
1985Destroyed by fire
1986Gerald Snavely rebuilt the mill
2009Douglas & David Snavely
Structure3.5 Story Stone
Dimensions50 x 60
Water SourceHammer Creek
Headrace1,500 feet
Tailrace600 feet
Power2 turbines/diesel
Capacity85 bbls / day

The mill is located at 333 Snavely Mill Road, Lititz, PA.

Updated: January 9, 2024