Oreville Mill

Aka Landis Mill

The Oreville mill is visible from Route 30 westbound just after the Harrisburg Pike. It is located on the old Roseville Road that used to cross the Harrisburg Pike just below the Oreville Home, not called the Mennonite Home. Roseville road was broken into two pieces when the Park City mall was built. Later, the bridge across the Little Conestoga washed out and was never rebuilt leaving the mill on a dead-end street. The covered bridge that once spanned the Little Conestoga here was moved to a location behind the Park City complex where it still crosses the Little Conestoga on Shreiner Station Road.

John Kauffman may have had a mill at this site as early as 1781. The current mill was built by Johannes & Catherina Kauffman in 1813. In 1822 Emmanuel Kauffman became the owner and in 1828 the mill was purchased by John Landis. In 1864 the mill was owned by Jonathan Landis, in 1875 by J. & M. Landis. Brothers Abram & Michael Landis were operating the mill in 1887 when Abram died suddenly at the age of 47. The Landis brothers were the last to operate the mill. It was being used as a chicken house in 1969 and is now used for storage. In 2014, it was owned by Eric Ashley and is in good condition.

The mill is located at 1048 W. Roseville Road, Lancaster, PA.

Structure3.5 Story Stone
Water SourceLittle Conestoga
TownshipEast Hempfield
Headrace1500 feet
Tailrace50 feet
Dam Height4 feet
PowerOvershot Wheel
Capacity8 bbl / day