A portrait of Donald Kautz along the Conestoga RiverDonald Kautz grew up and still lives among the beautiful farmland and rolling hills of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He has been interested in photography his entire life (starting with a Kodak Brownie box camera) but has only recently gotten more serious with the hobby after his three children have become adults. Don is a software engineer by vocation which probably explains why he enjoys the technical aspects of digital photography post processing as much as capturing the images in the first place. He enjoys landscape photography and loves to photograph scenes around Lancaster County, especially the Conestoga River. 

Don is interested in the history of Lancaster County and has written a book about the Conestoga River. He has a special interest in the water-powered grist mills that were once an integral part of the Lancaster County economy.

You can find a gallery of Don’s images on his companion website www.dlkautzphoto.com. Click on the  Gallery link in the menu to view those images.

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