Conestoga River Book

The Conestoga River meanders for sixty miles through the fertile farmlands of Lancaster County. From early Native American inhabitants to the European settlers who made the Conestoga Valley their home, the river has provided sustenance and transportation for generations. Victorian-era resorts and hotels were built along the river, providing new recreational activities as steam power drove innovative forms of transportation. As the region developed and the population grew, the river paid a heavy price in increased pollution from sewage runoff and industry. Conservation efforts toward the end of the twentieth century through the present day have restored the river’s beauty and recreational reputation.

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If you want a brief, reliable overview of the Conestoga – from “river” to “creek” to “river” – this is it.” – Jack Brubaker

PublisherThe History Press
SeriesNatural History
Dimensions6 (w) x 9 (h)
Conestoga River Book Cover

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