Mills of Lancaster County

Coming November 6!

My latest book entitled “Mills of Lancaster County” is available for pre-purchase.

Lancaster County’s grist mills were once the hubs of their local communities. People came to the local mill not only to get their corn and wheat ground, but also to catch up on the local news. In many cases, the mill served as the local post office. At one time there was a mill for every two-and-a-half square miles. Now there are less than one hundred still standing.

Every mill had a story about the men and women who worked them and provided food for their neighbors. Most of those stories are forgotten. This book relates some of those stories and provides the information that is known about Lancaster County’s water-powered grist mills. As poet, Sarah Doudney wrote, “The mill will never, never grind with the water that is past.” Yet, we can look back and see the role that those old mills played in the history of the county.

Mills of Lancaster County

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