Mascot Mill

Aka Ressler’s Mill

2900 Stumptown Road, Leola, PA

(Lord 54-03) The fIrst mill along Mill Creek was built by Jacob Becker. It was a one story stone structure erected along the Newport Road. About the year 1760-65, Benjamin Longnecker bought this property, which afterwards passed into the hands of his son. Later Marcus Groff became the owner of the mill and from him it passed to his son, Marks. Later it was owned by Daniel Groff, Samuel Groff, Ebersole & Newhauser and in 1865 by William Ressler. In 1899 it was owned by J. K. Ressler. In 1939 W. Franklin Ressler became the owner of Mascot Mill. In 1969 it was Ressler’s Mascot Mill and in 1994 it is Mascot Mill Museum.

Structure3.5 Story Stone
Water SourceMill Creek
TownshipUpper Leacock
Headrace300 feet
Tailrace1300 feet
Power2 Turbines
Capacity20 bbl / day