Mascot Mill

Aka Ressler’s Mill

The Mascot Roller Mill is a well preserved mill on the Mill Creek. The mill and house are open as a museum five days a week from May through September. The Ressler Mill Foundation website is at

c1738Jacob Bare (Bear)
1740John Leonberger
1745Samuel Jackson
c1750Ann Jackson
1751Caleb Jackson
c1751Moses Brinton
1779Joseph Becker
1783Widow Becker
1799Benjamin Longenecker
1813Peter Longenecker
1815Marks Groff
1820Daniel Groff
1861Christian Newhouser
1862Christian Newhouser &
Christian Ebersole
1865William Ressler
1882Jacob K. Ressler
1920William Ressler
1947W. Franklin & Anna Ressler
1975Ressler Mill Foundation
Structure3.5 Story Stone
Size45 x 50
Water SourceMill Creek
TownshipUpper Leacock
Headrace300 feet
Tailrace1,300 feet
Dam Height12 feet
Power2 turbines
Capacity20 bbl/day

The mill is located at 2900 Stumptown Road, Leola, PA.