Milton Grove Mill

Aka Keener’s Mill

The Milton Grove Mill is a 3.5 story stone mill located along the Little Chickies Creek at boundary between Rapho and Mount Joy Townships. The mill was powered by a single, overshot wheel. Water came from a headrace that was nearly a mile long. The mill operated by waterpower as late as 1925.

The first mention of a mill here is one owned by John Houtz (Pfoutz) in 1805. John Houtz built the Newtown Mill on the Chickies creek in 1814. It was still Houtz’s Mill in 1824. John M. Keener became the owner in approximately 1840. Joseph B. Keener became the owner c1850 and the mill remained in the Keener family for over fifty years. Jacob M. Keener became the owner in 1899. Clayton Keener was the owner in 1905 when the mill was sold to David B. Heistand. The sale included a three-story stone mill, two dwelling houses, a bank barn, and sixteen acres of land.  David’s son, Martin Heistand operated the mill for about thirteen years. He was followed by his brother, David K. Heistand, Jr. in c1921. A covered bridge crossed the creek near the mill.

The mill is now the site of Heistand Brothers Truck and Auto Service Company.

The mill is located at 589 Quarry Road, Elizabethtown, PA.

Structure3.5 Story Stone
Water SourceLittle Chiques
PowerOvershot Wheel
Headrace5,210 feet