Sickman’s Mill

Aka Pequea Roller Mill / Horse Hollow Flour Mill

Sickman's MIll

Originally built as a distillery, this mill was converted to a grist mill around 1842. The mill operated until the mid-20th century and is called “Sickman’s” after the last miller. Today it serves as a popular tubing site and live music venue during the summer. For the latest information, visit the mill’s website at

c1765John Stone
1765Samuel Hess
1777Christian Shenk
1792Current mill built
1820Jacob Shenk
1842Jacob B. Good
c1850Benjamin Hess
1857Daniel & William Good
1862Damaged by fire and restored
1875William Good
c1899George L. Buckwalter
1904Dam destroyed and rebuilt
1906Fred Sickman
1930Warren Sickman
1948Dam rebuilt of concrete
1967Operations ceased
1967Michael Z. and Mary Lou Gress
1970sCamping and Tubing
1995Larry and Faye Kipp
1996Dam destroyed in a flood
2006Ronald and Lisa Malkin
2010Erik and Trina Armstrong
2021Joe Devoy and Dana Paparo
Structure4.5 Story Stone
Dimensions40 x 60
Water SourcePequea Creek
Headrace150 feet
Tailrace400 feet
Dam Height7 feet
Power2 Turbines
Capacity100 bbl / day

The mill is located at 671 Sandhill Road, Pequea, PA.