Sickman’s Mill

Aka Pequea Roller Mill

A mill existed on this site prior to 1765 when John Stone’s mill on the Pequea was sold at Sheriff sale. The 1772 tax assessment shows Samuel Hess as owning a mill which he may have purchased from John Stone in 1765. Christian Shenk was the owner of the mill by 1777 and continued to run it until 1820 when his son, Jacob, acquired the mill. Jacob ran it until 1844 at which time it was a 3-story stone grist mill. It was sold to Benjamin Hess. In 1857 Daniel Good purchased the 3-story stone/frame grist mill at a sheriff’s sale. This mill was listed as 30 by 45 feet, 2.5 stories high and built of stone.

The present mill was built by Daniel and Elizabeth Good in 1862 (Date Stone). Daniel Good was the mill’s owner in 1864, William Good in 1875, and George L. Buckwalter in 1899. The mill is in good condition and it has been a museum and camp ground called Sickman’s Mill after a 20th Century owner. The mill dam went out in heavy rains of January 1996.

The mill is located at 671 Sandhill Road, Pequea, PA.

Structure4.5 Story Stone
Water SourcePequea Creek
Power2 Turbines
Dam Height7 feet
Headrace150 feet
Tailrace400 feet
Capacity100 bbl / day