I grew up and still live amidst the beautiful farmland and rolling hills of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I have been interested in photography my entire life (starting with a Kodak Brownie box camera) but have developed a more serious interest in the hobby later in life. I am intrigued by the rich history of the county and have written two books that describe some of that history. The first book features the Conestoga River and the history along its banks. My latest book features the water-powered grist mills that once dotted the countryside. My photography is integral to both books.

My goal is to photograph the county in a way that invokes some nostalgia from my childhood and yet documents the present situation. I hope through my books and my photography to contribute to the conversation about which things from the past should be cherished and preserved as we progress into the future and which things can be left to memory. As you browse these images it is my hope that they will resonate with memories from your own experiences whether you are a Lancaster County native or a transplant.