Lafayette Reenactment

During the American Revolution, a French aristocrat who held the title “Marquis de La Fayette” joined Washington’s Continental Army in which he served as a major general. Known in America as “Lafayette”, he was a key figure in the Siege of Yorktown that set up the decisive victory that secured American independence. Later, he returned to France where he was also a major player in the French Revolution of 1789. He wrote the first draft of the French civil rights document, “Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen”. In 1824, at the invitation of President James Monroe, Lafayette returned to the United States for a farewell tour. He visited each of the twenty-four states at that time where he received an enthusiastic welcome.

It has now been almost 200 years since Lafayette’s visit. The American Friends of Lafayette are celebrating that event with a re-enactment. The Marquis visited Lancaster on July 27-28, 1825. There will be several events in the Lancaster area in 2025 including a muster of troops at Lafayette Park which is on the east side of Lancaster.

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