Conestoga River Nominated for River of the Year

The Pennsylvania Organization for Watersheds and Rivers (POWR) nominates up to five watersheds each year for the honor of being recognized as the River of the Year. In addition to bragging rights, the award includes a $10,000 grant to the organization that nominated the river. The Conestoga River is one of four waterways that have been nominated for the 2023 River of the Year Award! The Conestoga River Club will be the recipient of the grant if it wins the award.

Cast your vote today. Votes can be registered at the POWR site here:

Nolt's Point Bridge
Not Turner's noted crook of Lune,
Nor Byron's wide and winding Rhine,
Nor Burns' banks of Bonny Doon
Nor boasted Tweed, nor lauded Tyne,
Not Delaware nor Brandywine,
Nor Spey, nor Tay, nor Don nor Dee,
Nor Shakespeare's Avon, still more
E'er seemed so beautiful to me
—	As tranquil Conestoga!